My first steps

After finding these works I uploaded them, as you might notice they aren't the best, but in my defense they were the first and without help or special classes 
This one was for my friend as a challenge; she liked it
My own rating: 7.5/10

My old Facebook profile pic, I hate 0.3 Mp photos, but at least the beard is kinda ok.
My own rating: 6/10

Ahh! Shakespeare
Nah, the depth of the skull is awful and again, it is not so easy work with a 0.3 Mp photo
My own rating: 6/10

Here I am with my friend Roberto at the school lab...
...Until something went wrong and ahh!!!
I couldn't find a better background and I was running late to post it in Facebook
My rating: 6.5/10 

After playing with the pen tool, I created this little monster...
Again, I was running out of time so I couldn't improve the eye...
Anyway i like it !!
My rating:6.5/10

Useless 0.3 Camera!!!
Just imagine instead a 30 Mp photo and it would look less awful
And the light is irregular...
Rating: 5/10
But I am going to improve and keep you updated!

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