A little annoying problem

As the few people who visit my blog might notice, I like to keep improving it, even if it is slowly and not so astonishing, my problem right now is that:
I don´t have a girlfriend!!! nah, just kidding my REAL problem is that i don´t know something, as you see there is an animation at the right side of the blog and I design it with a gorgeous font, with drop shadow and all that stuff, but there is the problem, it looks awesome on my computer, but when I was visiting my grandparent, I found out that it was my animation, with the awesome effects, but with an awful Arial. That wan´t supposed to happen because I embedded the font in the swf file.
So please, if you could tell me if the animation is good-looking and works as intended, comment, this little thing is bothering me a lot
This is the end of the animation, if it displays wrong on your computer,
please comment

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