Platformer 1.0 ( I finally did it!!!!!!!!!)

I finally finished this game!!!!!!!!!!
Right now I'm soooooooo excited  and filled with joy!!!

After a lot (Truly, a lot!) of time, effort and industrial amounts of coffee I made the last version of my prototype platformer! 
I can barely believe I wrote an amazing total of 542 lines of code in the Main file+ 87 lines from the classes (Yes, I made a little experiment with OOP and it was tough!!! but awesome!)
Of course you can complain about the graphics, but, (excuse me, I´m feeling the accomplishment) I don't give a damn!!! Okay, just kidding, I will improve the graphics
But enough about this /\ /\ /\
Here it is:
Arrow keys:move
Spacebar: Shoot
Open the door: Down key
(There is double jump)

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